This Town

2020 | NZ | 91 mins | M, Offensive language & sexual references

  • Director: David White
  • Writer: Henry FelthamDavid White
  • Cast: David White, Robyn Malcolm, Rima Te Wiata, Alice May Connolly, Aaron Cortesi, Loren Taylor, Jim Moriarty, Danny Mulheron
  • Comedy, Festival & Independent



16 Aug, Sunday
17 Aug, Monday
22 Aug, Saturday
30 Aug, Sunday

For a comedy with a mass murder at its centre, This Town is a surprisingly gentle and kind-hearted tale.
Graeme Tuckett,

Five years after being acquitted for the murder of his family, Sean (White) is finally ready to move on with life.

But the bitter ex-cop (Malcolm) who led the investigation remains adamant that he’s guilty — and will stop at nothing to bring him down.

Look out for the awesomely funny slogans on t-shirts and hats

Entertaining and intriguing, This Town is fun and familiar in the very best way. Another quality example of watching our own fabulous country and culture on the big screen.
Emily Carter