Mountain Film Festival: Best of Wanaka

2020 | 2 hrs | NZ & International

  • Festival Director: Mark Sedon
  • Documentary, Short films, Sport



21 Aug, Friday
2 Sep, Wednesday

The NZ Mountain Film & Book Festival
is a 9-day event held in Wanaka, Queenstown and Cromwell each winter.
It includes short films from NZ and around the world, featuring adventure sports, foreign cultures, remote travel and environmental issues.
The most popular films are sent on  a national tour: Best of Wanaka, and Kiwi Made.
Mountain Film Festival website

The ‘Best of Wanaka’ is a selection of our most popular films screened at the festival. We wrap up a nice bundle of favourites including the award winners, the audience choice, NZ made films and a variety of adventure sports and expeditions.

The event is celebration of adventurous sports and lifestyles presented for adventurers, film and book enthusiasts, and armchair adventurers.

Climbing Blind

57 minutes, Director: Alastair Lee, UK.

As a life long climber, Jesse flies in the face of adversity leading traditional rock climbs with his sight guide and fiancee Molly. As his sight degenerates his climbing continues to make remarkable progress. Despite his devastating condition Jesse only takes on bigger challenges by attempting to be the first blind person to make a ‘non-sight’ lead of the iconic Old Man of Hoy sea stack in Scotland.

Into The Canyon

45 minutes, Director: Peter McBride, USA.

A 1,000 km journey on foot through the entire length of the Grand Canyon. From the outset, the challenge was far more than they bargained for. More people have stood on the moon than have completed a continuous through-hike of the Canyon.

Breathtaking: K2 – The World’s Most Dangerous Mountain

46 minutes, Director: Adrian Ballinger, USA.

K2 is known as a savage mountain that tries to kill you. But Adrian Ballinger and Carla Perez aim to summit the 8611m peak without the use of supplemental oxygen. Every step of the way the team faces hazardous conditions, terrifying setbacks, and crushing misfortunes. But as Ballinger puts it, “I go until the mountain tells me I can’t go anymore.”

Foresight – Speed Dhaulagiri VII

21 minutes, Director: Dario Tubaldo, Italy.

Mountaineer Benedikt Böhm wants to climb from base camp (4,950 m) to the summit of Dhaulagiri VII (7,246 m) and return, in less than 8 hours with skis.