UK | 2019 | 93mins | M Offensive language

  • Directed by Alex Holmes (‘Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story’)
  • Starring Tracy Edwards
  • Documentary



28 Sep, Saturday
29 Sep, Sunday

a flat-out good yarn.
Kerry Lengel, Chicago Sun-Times

“In the late 1980s, amateur British sailor Tracy Edwards decided she’d had enough of being dismissed and belittled as the only woman on the seafaring crews she’d participated in.

“Setting her sights on the upcoming Whitbread Round the World Race — a staggering 40,000-nautical-mile circumnavigation of the earth that few boats dared tackle — Tracy assembled the world’s first international all-female sailing crew and entered the competition.

“As they weathered not only life-threatening high seas but also a storm of sexism in the media, this inspiring group of women had to rely on their own pure resilience—and each other—to prove the naysayers and skeptics wrong.

“What they hadn’t quite expected, however, was how their expedition would come to signify so much more than just a race to the finish line.” (Sundance Film Festival)

Enthralling viewing even for audiences with little to no knowledge of or interest in sailing, Maiden pays powerful tribute to a true pioneer.
Critics Consensus, Rotten Tomatoes

‘Maiden’ is most compelling when it takes us out to sea. … The battle between sailors and the ocean is a full-time, life-and-death struggle. Storms and waves can wreck a yacht or claim a life by washing a person overboard.
Bob Bloom, Journal and Courier (Lafayette, IN)