Hillary: Ocean To Sky

2019 | NZ | 106 mins

  • Director: Michael Dillon
  • Cast: Peter Hillary, Edmund Hillary, Mike Gill, Jim Wilson, Graeme Dingle, Murray Jones
  • Documentary



5 Feb, Wednesday
9 Feb, Sunday

Going beyond his Mt. Everest moment, this documentary on Kiwi legend Sir Edmund Hillary explores the journey he considered his greatest — boating through India’s River Ganges in its entirety.

This was the only Hillary expedition that was ever comprehensively filmed, occuring two years after the tragic death of his wife and youngest daughter in an air crash. For Sir Ed and his son Peter Hillary, it was also a healing journey. But it almost ended tragically with the near death and rescue of Sir Ed himself.

The expedition is recounted by Peter Hillary as well as many of Sir Ed Hillary’s best friends who were on the journey.

The men who made the expedition are now six or seven decades into their lives. Some – including Sir Ed – are no longer with us. Age and the contemplation of mortality has added insight, context and wisdom to this re-examination of the great adventure the expedition became.
Graeme Tuckett, stuff.co.nz

As far as scenery goes, it’s gorgeous, but it’s the people who make this film special — from the crowds who lined the river for a glimpse of Edmund Hillary to the villagers they met along the way, and the team on this crazy, at times nerve-racking, trip of a lifetime.
Francesca Rudkin, NZHerald