Members help


  • Be ready to buy tickets
  • Change your email, address etc
  • Choose a new password
  • Change your membership
  • Renew your membership

Help for Members

Choose which kind of help you would like.

How to buy a ticket as a member

Here’s what it looks like when you arrive to buy a ticket.

YOU MUST SIGN IN as a member to get member prices or to earn loyalty points.

Here are the steps to signing in

1: Here’s the top of the screen. Click on “Sign In“.
2: You now see the place to put in your email and password.


Your name appears, so you know that you have successfully signed in.
You are ready to buy tickets  at the member price or to earn loyalty rewards.

Forgotten Password

Forgotten your password, click on that “Forgot password“, that  you see above, on the right.


Here we are, signed in ready to buy tickets. Notice your name, and the  Sign out  button.
Don’t sign out unless other people might use the computer. (Saves the sign-in process each time.)




As long as your are signed in, your ticket purchase is counted towards your loyalty reward.

  • If you are already signed in, it will welcome you back.
  • You can stay signed in; there is no need to log out.
  • When you are signed in the members-rate ticket price will show.

Buying tickets

If you have forgotten your password

You come to buy a ticket and find you have lost your password, what to do?

You can see at the top of the web page, where you would normally log in, the “Forgot password?” link, Click on that, put in your email and it will send you an email so you can reset your password

It slows you down a bit, as you have to wait for the email to arrive. (And, of course, if you put your email in wrong, nothing will arrive.)

You can also change your password by logging in, This is good when it is time to make a change, but you have to log in to do it, so you need to remember your existing password. When you are logged in you have these choices:

How to change your details

To update your address, email, name, favourite kinds of films, LOG IN  and choose “Update Personal Details”.  

Renew your membership

To renew your membership,  LOG IN and choose “Renew Membership”.

Have your credit or debit card ready so you cn make the payment.

(If the “Renew Membership button is greyed, then your membership has already been renewed.)

How to change your membership

You have reached 65 years of age and want to change from an Individual to a Senior Citizen membership. You have got a job and want to change from a Student or Beneficiary member to an Individual.

LOG IN and click on the Change your Membership button.

You get offered these choices:

Couples Member ($50)
Individual Member ($30)
Senior Member ($25)
Student/Beneficiary Member ($25)
Loyalty Points Only Member (free)

If your new membership choice will cost more, have your credit or debit card ready.