The Prado Museum: A Collection Of Wonders


2019 | UK | 92mins
  • Director: Valeria Parisi
  • Writer: Sabina Fedeli
  • Narrator: Jeremy Irons
  • Documentary
  • Trailer


27 Sep, Sunday

If only museums could talk! This stunning new event film would like to do just that: let the Prado speak for itself.

Celebrating its 200th birthday in 2019, the Prado Museum will tell the story of its life, and take you on a spectacular journey in Madrid covering six centuries of Spanish history.

History told through art, through the eight thousand masterpieces housed in the Museum’s collections, and the story behind each one.

A painting is canvas, colour, matter, and form, but it is also the story of men and women, painters and kings, palaces and queens, wealth and misery, body and soul.


When abandoned by Reason, Imagination produces impossible monsters;
united with her, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of their wonders.
Francisco Goya

We are in one of the temples of world art. Its collection tells the story of kings, queens, dynasties, wars, defeats and victories, as well as the story of the feelings and emotions of the men and women of yesteryear and of today, whose lives are intertwined with the museum’s: rulers, painters, artists, architects, collectors, curators, intellectuals, visitors. This heritage is universal and includes the works of Vélazquez, Rubens, Titian, Mantegna, Bosch, Goya, El Greco, to name just a few.