2021 | NZ | 98 mins | PG, Offensive language & sexual references

  • Director: Linda Niccol
  • Cast: Libby Hunsdale, Ari Boyland, Seb Hunter, Kali Kopae
  • Drama
  • Trailer


4 Aug, Wednesday
8 Aug, Sunday

…this Kāpiti-dramedy is, at its heart, a celebration of the region and its leading lady. Hunsdale delivers a terrific performance as Poppy and the script allows her to prove that Down syndrome is no barrier to living life to the full.
James Croot, stuff.co.nz

A young woman with Down syndrome chases her dream of becoming a mechanic, despite being held back by the person she trusts the most.

Poppy’s ambition to become a motor mechanic &mash; starting with the apprenticeship promised by her late father – is stalled by her super protective brother who has reluctantly inherited the family workshop/garage business. And it’s not until she teams up with an ex-school friend who needs his car fixed in time to enter the local burnout competition that her plans progress.

Poppy is a nuanced, vibrant and comedic tour-de-force and it’s easy to see why she charms most of those she comes into contact with.

…Likely to be a huge-hit in its own backyard, hopefully Poppy propels its two leads onto even greater things.
James Croot, stuff.co.nz

…Poppy is undeniably upbeat, its heart is in the right place, the songs — written and recorded by Seb Hunter — are terrific, and above all, it’s a showcase for a brand-new star.
Libby Hunsdale won me over in the very first shot, dancing in front of the mirror in a bridal veil. But she seemed capable of doing anything: car stunts, long emotional scenes, jokes — lots of jokes — and holding our attention for an hour and a half. Poppy is well worth chasing up. Simon Morris, RNZ