I Am Woman


2020 | Australia | 116 mins | M, Drug use & offensive language
  • Director: Unjoo Moon (feature debut)
  • Writer: Emma Jensen
  • Cast: Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Danielle Macdonald, Evan Peters, Dusty Sorg, Matty Cardarople
  • Drama, music, true story & biography
  • Trailer


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29 Nov, Sunday

I AM WOMAN is the story of Helen Reddy, who in 1966 landed in New York with her three-year-old daughter, a suitcase and $230 in her pocket. Within weeks she was broke. Within months she was in love. Within five years she was one of the biggest superstars of her time, and an icon of the 1970s feminist movement, who wrote a song which galvanised a generation of women to fight for change.

Helen Reddy was very far from a one-hit-wonder. Indeed, she had more chart hits than practically any other solo female act of the 1970s. Yet in a way, the song most associated with her feels like it came from an artist who was never heard from before or since. “I Am Woman” arrived exactly as the Women’s Liberation Movement was at its initial peak of popular consciousness, and it was the perfect unofficial anthem, as coolly upbeat and authoritative as the singular voice delivering. The smash single invariably rattled some male observers who called it “angry” or even “man-hating.” That simply underlined the many things women needed liberating from — nobody called Sinatra a menace when he sang “My Way,” a no less straightforward hymn to self-determination.
Dennis Harvey, Toronto Film Review, Variety

a sincere, heartfelt love letter to one of the most iconic figures of second wave feminism.
Flicks, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas