The Mystery of Henri Pick

2020  | Belgium, France | 100 mins | M, Offensive language

  • Director: Rémi Bezançon (‘Zarafa’, ‘The First Day of the Rest of Your Life’, ‘Ma Vie en l’Air’)
  • Writer: Rémi Bezançon, Vanessa Portal
  • Cast: Fabrice Luchini, Camille Cottin, Alice Isaaz, Bastien Bouillon, Josiane Stoléru, Astrid Whettnall, Marc Fraize, Hanna Schygulla
  • French and Russian with English subtitles
  • Comedy Drama Mystery World Cinema
  • Trailer


1 Nov, Sunday

An editor discovers a novel that she considers to be a masterpiece, in a library whose particularity is to collect the manuscripts refused by the publishers. The text is signed Henri Pick, a Breton pizza maker who died two years earlier.

It is a warm, light-hearted caper: blessed with a strong cast, a script sparkling with wit, and a literary sense that makes it bounce along like an Agatha Christie-styled thriller.
Fiction Machine

a humorous thriller that balances with precision the suspense and twists of a script that never loses sight of the crazy hijinks of its two protagonists.
Adolfo C. Martinez, La Nación (Argentina) [Full Review in Spanish]