23 Walks

2020 | UK | M, Sex scenes & offensive language

  • Director: Paul Morrison
  • Writer: Paul Morrison
  • Cast: Alison Steadman, Natalie Simpson, Dave Johns, Oliver Powell
  • Comedy, Romance


Dave Johns (I, Daniel Blake) and two-time BAFTA nominee Alison Steadman (The Singing Detective) star in this gentle romance about an older man and woman who get to know each other through dog walks over the course of a year.

Satisfying, big-hearted and pleasant… with Steadman and Johns in shot, it never loses its heart. If it sounds like the sort of thing you want to see, I don’t doubt that you will enjoy it very much.
Graeme Tuckett, Stuff

The real joy of this tender love story is in its details, the beauty in the mundane, the quiet pain of those yearning for companionship and friendship and the silent power in a simple story about two elderly people walking their dogs.