All is True









2019 | UK | 101mins | M Offensive language & sexual references

  • Directed by Kenneth Branagh (‘Artemis Fowl’, ‘Thor’, ‘Hamlet (1996)’)
  • Starring Judi Dench, Kenneth Branagh, Ian McKellen, Kathryn Wilder, Jack Colgrave Hirst, Matt Jessup
  • Written by Ben Elton
  • Drama, True Story & Biography



  • 2 June, Sunday, 5PM NEW
  • 8 June, Saturday, 7:30PM
  • 12 June, Wednesday, 2PM
  • 24 June, Monday, 7:30PM

Critics Consensus
Impressively cast and beautifully filmed, All Is True takes an elegiac look at Shakespeare’s final days.
Rotten Tomatoes

Kenneth Branagh directs and stars as William Shakespeare in this biopic that recounts the final years of the Bard’s life. Written by Ben Elton, and co-starring Judi Dench and Ian McKellen.

In 1613, Shakespeare is acknowledged as the greatest writer of the age. But disaster strikes when his beloved Globe Theatre burns to the ground. Devastated, he returns to Stratford a troubled past and a neglected family awaits him.

Haunted by the death of his only son Hamnet, he struggles to mend family relationships and is forced to examine his failings as husband and father. His search for the truth uncovers secrets and lies within a family at war.

Branagh’s performance is a minor miracle, building a poignant portrait of a man whose painful and belated acquisition of self-knowledge finally saves him and enriches everybody around him. If Shakespeare wasn’t like this, he should have been.
Sandra Hall, Sydney Morning Herald

It dodges the pitfalls of luvviedom and period camp to produce a fiercely intelligent and poignant drama about family, grief and the tyranny of genius.
Kevin Maher, Times (UK)