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Sweden, USA | 2018 | 100mins | M Offensive language & sexual references

  • Directed by Björn Runge (‘Daybreak’, ‘Mouth to Mouth’, ‘Happy End’)
  • Starring Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, Christian Slater, Annie Starke, Max Irons, Elizabeth McGovern, Harry Lloyd
  • Written by Jane Anderson
  • Based on the novel of the same name by Meg Wolitzer
  • Drama



  • 25 August, Saturday, 7:30PM, NEW
  • 27 August, Monday, 7:30PM
  • 2 September, Sunday, 2PM
  • 5 September, Wednesday, 2PM

This is an unmissable movie for Glenn Close fans. Actually, you can’t watch it without being a fan.
The Guardian

“Behind every great man is a woman. And this film tells the story of her husband’s success through the eyes of one such woman. Glenn Close stars as Joan Castleman, the wife and supporter of husband Joe (Jonathan Pryce), a charismatic and successful writer. Adapted from a book by Meg Wolitzer, this solid drama posits a situation in which the wife’s contribution turns out to be somewhat more integral to the work than simply providing a few cups of tea and words of praise here and there.” screendaily.com

Like a bomb ticking away toward detonation, Glenn Close commands the center of The Wife: still, formidable and impossible to look away from.
Hollywood Reporter