Pick of the Litter










USA | 2018 | 81mins

  • Directed by Dana Nachman, Don Hardy Jr. (‘The Human Experiment’, ‘Witch Hunt’)
  • Written by Dana Nachman
  • Documentary, Festival & Independent
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  • 25 Nov, Sunday, 5PM NEW
  • 1 Dec, Saturday, 2PM
  • 5 Dec, Wednesday, 2PM

Spanning two years, this documentary follows five Labrador puppies as they train to become guide dogs for the blind.

“Meet Patriot, Poppet, Potomac, Primrose, and Phil, five impossibly adorable Labrador Retriever puppies. We meet them at the moment of their birth when they are enrolled into the national Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) program based in San Rafael, CA.

Soon after, they are placed with temporary trainers, individuals who have volunteered to shepherd the puppies through months of intensive training. Their emotional commitment to the dogs is intense and inspiring, making this documentary an emotional roller coaster once we realize that not all the dogs have what it takes to succeed.”  San Francisco International Film Festival

Juggling more than a half-dozen storylines, Hardy’s editorial work entertainingly excels at maintaining interest and building tension … While Pick of the Litter stands out for its canine characterisations, it’s fundamentally a film about the endlessly fascinating, constantly evolving relationship between dogs and humans, cultivated over millennia of advantageous interaction.
Justin Lowe, Hollywood Reporter