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NZ Made — Mountain Film Festival

Wanaka’s NZ Mountain Film Festival is one of the world’s major Mountain Film festivals, an internationally known event that attracts film makers from around the world. The festival theme, ‘A Celebration of Adventurous Sports and Lifestyles’, show cases films from the high-octane sports such as skiing, climbing, BASE jumping, kayaking and mountain biking. It also features the more sublime but even more important environmental and mountain culture films to educate and entertain.

New Zealand Wild —  4 mins, Director: David Walden, NZ (Wanaka).
A mesmerising montage of full speed BASE jumping set in the theatre of New Zealand’s undisturbed wilderness. David and his friends head into the wild backcountry behind Wanaka in search of the ultimate flying terrain.
Tanya The Hut Warden — 6 mins, Director: Whitney Oliver, NZ.
The more you’re out in the wilderness, the more connected to it you feel; the more connected to it you feel, the more likely you’ll fight to protect it. That’s the message of Tanya the Hut Warden, a rock climbing, trail running, nature enthusiast whose passion for conservation is surpassed only by her zest for life.
Waiau-toa Odyssey — 13 mins, Director: Simon Waterhouse, NZ.
Five adventurers set off on a six-day, 300km unsupported journey. By combining new bike-packing and pack-rafting technology, they link together whitewater rivers and backcountry tracks through some of NZ’s under-appreciated wilderness areas.
The Mannering, Harper and Ross Challenge – 12 mins, Director: Gavin Lang & Pedro Pimentel, NZ.
The New Zealand Club was founded in 1891 by AP Harper, Guy Mannering and Malcolm Ross, and numerous mountain features in NZ bear their names. Two club members set out to reach some of the more remote and less frequented features.
Mt Scott — 10 mins, Director: Simon Lucas, NZ.
Together with the Antarctic Heritage Trust, four young New Zealanders take on Antarctic’s Mt Scott. Their goal: share their passion for adventure and inspire the next generation of explorers.
The Waters of Greenstone — 26 mins, Director: Simon Waterhouse, NZ.
Through the lens of one of NZ’s most important cultural symbols – Pounamu – two women attempt to tackle the World’s Oldest Adventure Race: the Kathmandu Coast to Coast. For one of these women, the challenge becomes bigger than she could have imagined.
[enviro] MENTAL — 13 mins, Director: Joe Murdie, NZ.
A documentary showcasing one man’s journey to becoming more environmentally-friendly in an effort to show NZ and the world that everyone can make a difference and contribute to change.
Sliding Fire — 8 mins, Director: Will Lascelles, NZ.
Wanaka’s Sam Smoothy takes skiing to new terrain on the South Pacific island of Vanuatu. Negotiating molten rock and dirt storms, the active volcano Mount Yasur was home to his latest skiing adventure.

2017 | International and NZ | 95 mins
NZ Mountain Film Festival


  • Monday, 14th August, 7:30pm