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NZ, 2016, 92mins, G

Directed by Roger Donaldson (‘The Bank Job’, ‘The Recruit’, ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’)
Starring Dwayne Cameron
Written by James Brown, Matthew Metcalfe, Tim Woodhouse

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  • Sunday, 6 Aug, 2pm (encore)

Pioneer. Leader. Father. Champion.

Documentary telling the story of Bruce McLaren, the Kiwi founder of the McLaren Motor Racing team. From the director of The World’s Fastest Indian.

Director Roger Donaldson comments, “I was delighted to be involved in the telling of such an incredible New Zealand story – bringing it to life on the big screen has been a huge effort from all involved in Bruce’s legacy. I look forward to the people of New Zealand seeing this inspiring story in cinemas across New Zealand this winter. Ever since seeing Bruce McLaren and Jack Brabham race each other in the Tasman series years ago I’ve been a McLaren fan.”

“Few people know just how extraordinary his journey was and how much he accomplished in his short life.” Director, Roger Donaldson

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“There won’t be a dry eye in the house, McLaren is a wonderful watch, a must-see for all New Zealanders regardless of how much petrol runs through their veins.

Four-and-a-half stars.”  News Hub


“first-hand accounts of a perhaps never-to-be-repeated “golden era” of New Zealand motorsport.”   Stuff